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SN-6966 KGB-1172



Place of Birth : Nice FR.
Residence : Ostend BE.
Height : 153 cm.
Present occupation : Bass player, vocalist,
CEO Why2k Productions.
Past occupation(s) : Bass player, bass player, bass player.

Place of Birth : Ostend BE.
Residence : Ostend BE.
Height : 170 cm.
Present occupation : Sonic manipulator,
multi instrumentalist.
Past occupation(s) : Sound engineer, guitarist, drummer.

Crimes in no particular order :

  • Support for OMD.
  • Mixing Birkin like vocals with hard electronica.
  • Attacking BIMfest 2012 BE.
  • Support The Neon Judgement Paris.
  • Intruding Moritzbastei WTG 2013 Leipzig.
  • Support Anne Clark more than once BE.
  • Producing 3rd album "Be my Guest" containing several Belgian Artists from past and present.
  • Translating "Eisbear" in French.
  • Sold out "Be my Guest show" Casino BE.
  • Bootlegging their own first album.
  • Pulling of "Be my Guest show V2.0" Retie BE.

Sentenced to :

  • Forced labour under the form of live concerts in unknown territories for a minimum of 100 hours per annum.
  • The writing, recording and releasing a new album in 2016.
  • Life sentence to musical creation....

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